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【Practical Guide】How to progress from guided reading and sight words to teaching kids writing?

In the previous posts, we shared some tips on reading with and teaching children how to write. In this practical guide, we will show you how to combine these techniques and help children develop their language skills systematically through natural interactions.

0️⃣ Mindset/Environment Preparation

It is common to hear that children who immigrate to another place do not like to attend Chinese classes. While the structured practice in Chinese classes may be one way of learning, if children do not use Chinese in their daily communication and are forced to learn it, Chinese may become a "redundant existence," and they may lack motivation to learn it well.

✨So, remember✨

Reading with and teaching children how to write can be fun!🎉🎉

1️⃣ Shared Reading 👨‍👧

First, let your child choose a book. Today, my child chose "The Colorful Hot Springs," a book he is already familiar with. So, we read the book together, and if it's the child's first time reading the book, the parent can read it aloud in spoken language.

2️⃣ Sight word recognition 👉

"彩色溫泉" is a repetitive picture book, so this time I chose "溫泉" (hot springs) as the key word. During sight word recognition, I can introduce that "溫泉" is a water-related word, so both characters in the word have the "water" radical. We can also use the "root word association" strategy to help children understand that "溫泉" means "hot springs".

3️⃣ Writing practice ✍️

Finally, invite the child to participate in a writing lesson, using the key word to create their own story. We can start by having the child verbally create their story, and then the adult can write it down using written language. This way, the child can express themselves orally and then convert it to written form.

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