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Story & Social Fun!

Feb 25, 2024 (SUN) 2:30 – 4:00pm
Connections Community Services Society
5751 Cedarbridge Way #110, Richmond
Target Audience: K to Grade 3

Latest Classes & Events

Storytelling Senior Volunteer Recruitment : Dialogic Reading Workshop

The recruitment for storytelling senior volunteers has begun! If you want to communicate with the younger generation, don't miss out on our dialogic reading workshop!

Location: Vancouver Westside Baptist Church, 8506 Ash Street, Vancouver

Date: May 19th and Jun 2nd, 2024 (Sundays), two sessions in total

Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM


The parent-child relationship is like the child's wings, and the mother tongue is like the wind under the wings, allowing the child to fly higher and farther.


We are a group of experienced educators from Hong Kong and moms who just immigrated to Vancouver, Canada. We aim to use our expertise to help parents and children systematically develop other skills using their mother tongue abilities at home. In familiar contexts, parents and children can communicate more effectively, and grow together. Therefore, we established "Familogue" in 2022, a registered non-profit organization in British Columbia.

Our Services

Chinese Reading Class

Enhance children's literacy levels and vocabulary, enabling them to understand basic Chinese sentence structures.

Bilingual Baby Signing Classes

Both deaf and hearing teachers collaborate to enhance children's language development and foster inclusivity from an early age.

Comprehensive Communication Services

Provide sign language interpretation services in American Sign Language (ASL) or Hong Kong Sign Language (HKSL).

Parent-Child Support and Literacy Enrichment Programs

Events including parent support groups, dialogic reading classes, and social interaction sessions.

Career Coaching

Help young people gain self-awareness and assist them in finding their paths.

Books Go Around

Used children's book exchange service that allows more children to enjoy the pleasure of reading and extend the life of books.

Storytelling Parents Volunteers Team

Our trained parent volunteers will use dialogic reading techniques to tell stories to children.

Parent Talks

Provide parents with a better understanding of their children and promote communication among family members.

Books Ordering

Order a series of affordably priced children's books and picture books.

Latest News

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