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About Us

Family + Dialogue


=Our team of experienced educators and parents/Parents and children

童行=Embarking on a journey with parents and children

We are experienced educators and immigrant mothers from Hong Kong now based in Vancouver, Canada. We established "Familogue" in 2022 to help parents and children communicate more effectively by transferring mother tongue skills into other abilities such as written language, second/third languages, social and cognitive skills. Through workshops and seminars, we aim to be a bridge between parents and their children, enabling them to improve and learn together in a familiar context like home.

According to UNESCO, mother tongue-based education should start early as it is the foundation of multilingual education. Sweden also found that strong proficiency in mother tongue leads to natural development of other language abilities.


Parents using their mother tongue to communicate with their children improves family communication, especially with grandparents who may not speak foreign languages. A University of Washington study found that the mother tongue must be applied in real-life situations to be effective. We are experienced educators and mothers who immigrated to an English-speaking country and hope to help parents and children develop their mother tongue ability to improve communication and growth together.


As you may have noticed, our logo has two bubble elements, one representing the big bubble of the parent - Mommy Lingo,  and the other representing the child - Kiddo.

Familogue_Parent Bubble.png
Familogue_Kid bubble.png

Mommy Lingo (Parents)

Kiddo (Children)

One of our goals in founding this organization is to empower caregivers by leveraging our professional expertise, making it easier for parents to communicate with their children. That's why a group of us, all moms who have experienced the challenges of raising children ourselves, came together to create "Mommy Lingo Classroom". Our programs cater to children of all ages, from toddlers to high school students. We understand the struggles that you are facing because we've been there ourselves. We welcome you to share your experiences and challenges with us, so that we can combine our teaching and parenting experience with academic research and theory to help answer your questions.

Our Team

Dr. Fay, who holds a PhD in Education and has experience in bilingualism, language acquisition, and special education, as well as teacher training and parent education.

石姨姨, a registered Early Childhood Educator in British Columbia who has worked in early childhood education for many years and also participated in a bilingual education program for deaf students at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

海豚姨姨 (Florence), a registered Speech-Language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience in the field, who aims to work alongside parents using her professional knowledge.

恩恩姨姨, a senior high school teacher and special education coordinator in Hong Kong with 20 years of teaching experience, who believes that every individual has unique potential.

叻薯媽 (Slash Mom), a seasoned marketing professional with experience in branding, public relations, corporate communications, advertising, and business development, who has also received training from 故事爸媽 and volunteered as a teacher assistant in schools.

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