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Does companion reading have to involve physical books? 📚 Utilizing online resources can also be a w

Mommy Lingo's eldest child, Big Kiddo, is 9 years old now. I have had a habit of reading with him since he was in preschool, because I have been nurturing his mother tongue oral and Chinese reading abilities since he was young, so he was able to read novels with pure text independently in primary school. As he grows older, he has developed a habit of independent reading, so most of the time, he prefers to read Chinese books on his own. However, he still needs adult accompaniment when reading in English. At such times, if parents choose appropriate materials and tools, they can still enjoy the warm and intimate moments of reading together with their children, and the child will undoubtedly be able to smoothly transition their learning and improve their English reading ability.

Recently, Big Kiddo and I both enjoy "playing games together". Today, I want to introduce one of my favorites from National Geographic Kids - the Personality Test. The questions are quite interesting, such as: What kind of sleepy animal are you, and what city are you? When taking the personality test, I read the questions aloud and invite my child to answer first. Afterwards, it's his turn to read the questions, and I take the test. After completing the test, we take turns reading out our respective test results. One time, the result showed that I am a desert wolf because I love to socialize and eat leftovers from the family 🙈. Big Kiddo exclaimed, "Yes, that's right!" Throughout the process of reading together, from shallow to deep, from listening to demonstrations to reading out short sentences and paragraphs, everything feels natural and effortless. What's even more important is that we both enjoy the time spent together taking the personality test.

UNESCO has pointed out that multilingual education is based on the mother tongue. As early childhood care and education form the foundation of lifelong learning, the organization believes that education based on the mother tongue must be initiated early. Sweden has also found that if a child's mother tongue is well-spoken, the development of the common language will also be good. In fact, a strong foundation in the mother tongue can help children in their transformation to other languages and linguistic abilities.

In addition, recently, Papa Lingo purchased an e-book app with automatic reading function for Big Kiddo. As Big Kiddo loves to read about Ninja Cats in the app, I found that his English reading ability had greatly improved after a few months, and he even became more proactive in reading English books!

💡When using online resources, remember not to just hand over the phone and app to your child. Parents should also read and have conversations with their children while using electronic tools! 🤗

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