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How to create a Chinese language environment at home❓💡

A good language context is important for children to learn a language 🗣️, but living in a non-Chinese-speaking country, if daily life only involves going to school, taking classes, and eating, and there are only occasional opportunities to come into contact with Chinese, then parents need to be creative 💡 and create fun and interesting Chinese language contexts to learn with their children! This time, Mama Yu will share with you some methods that she has used before:

💡 Schedule/ Calendar 📅

Mommy Lingo has a monthly calendar at home, with different colors representing the work and activities of different family members. To satisfy her child's curiosity, such as when they will go out to play or when their parents will come home for dinner, the child naturally becomes motivated to read Chinese. Also, because many of the words frequently appear, the child quickly learns many common words.

💡Write Letters/Birthday Cards/Holiday Cards💌

In Mommy Lingo's home, each family member has their own mailbox, so everyone can write letters to each other and encourage children to express themselves in writing!

💡 Writing a diary/travelogue ✏️

Recording daily life and travel experiences through written articles can increase the use of Chinese and promote parent-child interaction!

💡Lists 📝


💡Games involving writing (e.g. Pretend to be a server in a restaurant taking orders)

✨In fact, there are many ways to create a language environment, and the goal of building a rich Chinese language environment is to encourage children to read more 👁️‍🗨️ and write more ✏️! If you have any interesting methods, remember to share them with us!

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