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Spring Reading Fun🌸

"Spring Reading Fun" is an event organized by a group of experienced educators that combines storytelling and games to teach children how to convert their oral language abilities into written language abilities. Through parent-child interaction, the goal is to cultivate children's interest in reading Chinese and Cantonese. On the day of the event, an education Ph.D. 👩‍🏫 shared parent-child reading techniques and taught how to use extended teaching aids, allowing parents to easily accompany their children in reading. 💕

Winter has passed, and we ambitious mothers of the group are preparing for "Spring Reading Fun", hoping to meet everyone and enjoy the pleasure of nature 🌸 and reading 📚 together.

The weather in Vancouver in the spring is unpredictable 😵‍💫, and last weekend we experienced four seasons in a day... and even hail on Sunday. The day before the event, it rained continuously 🌧️, and we were planning whether to reschedule the event, when would be the best time to notify participants, and which platform would be the most effective.

But when we woke up, God had prepared sunshine ☀️ for us, and "Spring Reading Fun" was successfully completed. We were deeply moved and encouraged ❤️ when we saw parents and children immersed in reading and the parent-child activities. We hope to see you at the next event!

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