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Autumn Reading Fun🍂

Autumn Reading Fun is organized by a group of experienced educators 👩‍🏫. It is an event that combines storytelling and games, allowing children to learn Cantonese well amidst the beautiful natural scenery, and to learn how to convert their spoken language🗣️ into written language✍🏻. The aim is to cultivate children's interest in Chinese and Cantonese through parent-child interaction. On the day of the event, an education Ph.D.🎓 shared some tips for parent-child reading, allowing you to easily read with your children at home. 📚

Last Saturday has just passed. Once again, I thank God for giving us beautiful weather🌞 and I am grateful that Autumn Reading Fun was able to be completed successfully. We saw parents and children enjoying the beautiful natural scenery🍂 and reading fun📚, which greatly encouraged us🥰. We hope to see you at the next event!

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